About Us

profileHi! I’ m Jennifer Janzen and I own and operate JJ’s Pantry, a web-based all-natural gourmet food and gift store featuring dry mixes and jarred items made exclusively from Arizona grown fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts and cheeses.

I grew up in a small town in Kansas surrounded by beautiful lush farmland. While teaching me to grow and can veggies when I was little, my grandma was always reminding me to “do what makes you happy”. My grandpa would always jump in and say, “ . . . and after you find what makes you happy, find someone to pay you to do whatever makes you happy!”.

I am the fourth-generation in a long line of female entrepreneurs. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all had their own highly successful businesses. Collectively, my heritage consists of an incredible gene pool with DNA from artists, florists, chefs and carpenters. (Yes, carpenters! My great-grandmother ran her own beauty salon and was a finish carpenter and cabinetmaker.)

I love to cook and entertain and would never dream of feeding my guests anything but meals made from the freshest ingredients. I have a few food allergies and once I realized the quick mixes I had been buying at the store were filled with mostly preservatives, colors, additives and MSG and that was what was making me (and some of my guests!) sick . . . I sat down and started pulling recipes out of my grandma’s recipe box. JJ’s Pantry was born!

I hope you enjoy JJ’s Pantry products and philosophy. Thank you for choosing JJ’s Pantry!

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