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Fish Tacos, Fume Blanc, & Football!

Fish Tacos with Dip & Dressing Mix? Touchdown!

Sunday at our house (at least from September 11th to the first weekend in February) is all about friends, food, and football! Our crowd loves to unwind, relax, eat, drink, and cheer for their team (not always in that order). I’ve got the season planned out week-by-week with a food theme for each Sunday. Last Sunday we planned our potluck around Fish Tacos – simple, easy, and delish!

I grabbed some locally made corn tortillas, a head of green cabbage, a red onion, a few avocados (which were even on sale – SCORE!) and some frozen tilapia fillets from my neighborhood grocery store. I already had sour cream (a staple in my fridge) and JJ’s Pantry Dip & Dressing Mixes!

20160918_124224Step one was to marinate the fish: I mixed up our Chile, Cilantro & Lime Dip & Dressing Mix with two tablespoons of oil and about 1/2 cup of lime juice. I grabbed a glass dish and stacked the frozen fish fillets, then poured the marinade over the fish. I let the tilapia “swim” in that lime, pepper and herb goodness for a couple of hours in the fridge, turning twice to make sure every inch had a chance to soak in the marinade.

creamy guacamole dipThen I whipped up some creamy Guacamole Dip with two smashed avocados, JJ’s Guacamole Dip Mix and some sour cream . . . Then thinly shredded my cabbage and diced up some red onion.

Right before our guests arrived, I took the fish out of the fridge to let it rest for about 30 minutes and come to room temperature.

Once everyone had made their rounds (the hugs, hellos, and filled their glass or mug) I started two hot skillets – one for the tortillas, and one for the fish! The fish cooks up really quick in a little olive oil – just slide the fish, marinade and all, into the pan. I added just a little water (about a half a cup) and put the lid on top, but vented a bit to let the fish steam a little . . . then took off the lid and turned and tossed the chunks to a beautiful golden brown. Don’t over cook the fish – and don’t be afraid if the fish comes apart. We aren’t going for fish sticks – but about 1 inch chunks of seasoned flaky yumminess – crisp on the outside but tender inside. Take the fish off the heat, fry the tortillas until they are just a bit crisp (I warm up one side, flip, then war up the other, then flip and let that side crisp). Then let your guests assemble their own tacos!

fish tacosI set out the shredded cabbage, chopped red onions, JJ’s Arizona Chile & Tomato Salsa (mild), our Serrano & Garlic Sauce (not mild!),  some sliced avocado and the creamy Guacamole Dip. These simple tacos were a great hit (no leftovers) since our theme celebrated California NFL Teams and Fish Tacos – our friends brought a dry Sauvingon Blanc – 2014 Dry Creek Vineyard Sonoma County Fume Blanc, and a Pepperwood Grove California Pinot Grigio – both paired really well with the lime, chile and cilantro on the fish – and cooled the heat from whatever “extras” you put on your taco.


Our next Sunday is all about Colorado and the Broncos – I’m making Mile High Buffalo Burgers!