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Crab Cakes – it’s what’s for dinner! (and lunch tomorrow)

Crab cakes sound difficult – they aren’t!

I just combined 1.5 pound of crab meat, one package JJ’s Pantry Seafood Seasoning, an egg, a half of a small onion (minced up small), some bread crumbs (about three slices of bread worth) and mixed with my stand mixer on low speed for about a minute.Seafood Seasoning

I formed the mixture into patties (I used a 1/2 cup measuring cup – packed it full (like you would pack brown sugar when you measure it),

make crab cakesthen tapped it on the side of my mixing bowl to release).

JJ's Crab Cakes

I let the little crabbie patties chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes to let the flavors mingle.

JJ's Pantry Seafood SeasoningThen I’ll just fry ’em up in a little butter until they are golden brown on both sides (just about 3-4 minutes a side) – pretty simple – and pretty darn delicious!

I usually serve mine with a little lemon wedge and a homemade tartar sauce (horseradish, mayo, and a little minced dill pickle) for dipping. Much like chili – these are great the next day – warm or cold. Try on a sandwich (think hamburger buns or lettuce leaves instead of a bun) or crumble them a bit and stuff a taco shell for a quick seafood taco!