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Bloody Mary Cocktails

Combine three cups tomato juice and one package JJ’s Pantry Bloody Mary Mix. Chill at least two hours or overnight.

When ready to serve, rub a lemon or lime on the rim of each of four glasses, then dip in margarita salt OR try one or more of JJ’s Pantry BBQ Rubs or Seasonings (like our Beau Monde Seasoning, Seafood Seasoning, Lemon Kick Rub, Spicy BBQ, or Hickory BBQ Rub to name a few!).

Fill glasses with crushed ice; add one ounce of vodka to each glass, then fill the glass with the Bloody Mary Mix. Stir well, and garnish each glass with your favorite combination of any of the following:

Baby Corn
Basil Sprig
Beef Jerky
Carrot Stick
Cherry Tomatoes
Cheese Cubes (cheddar, pepper-jack, mozzarella, etc.)
Chili Peppers
Cilantro Sprig
Cocktail Onions
Cucumber Spear
Dill Sprig
Edible Flowers
Tofu – Fried or Fresh
Green Pepper Ring
Hearts of Palm
Horseradish (freshly-grated of course!)
Jalapeno Popper
Lemon, Lime, Orange or Grapefruit (wedges, wheels, twists or zest)
Olives (try stuffed with blue cheese, feta cheese, garlic, or jalapenos)
Onion Rings (stack them over a straw or another garnish)
Parsley Sprig
Pepperoni Stick
Peppers (pickled or fresh)
Pickle Spears
Pickled Asparagus (or carrots, cherry peppers, okra, peppers, anything pickled!)
Roasted Garlic
Rosemary Sprig
Scallion (green onion)
Skewered Steak Bites
Smoked Oysters or Mussels
Thyme Sprig
Water Chestnuts
Zucchini Spears

Please enjoy responsibly.